Pamukkale Turkey: Pamukkale "White as Snow"

I took a bus from Kusadasi, Turkey on a 2 hour ride to Pammukale. It is a small village like place which gives a real "Anatolia" feeling to it. The village is small and has limited amenities for foreign tourists (they have a hotel which has a thermal water pool
which I sat in for a while, and an all you can eat Turkish buffet, which allow one to sample different Turkish foods!)

The town has a quirky custom. When there is a family which has a daughter of marrying age, a bottle would be put on top of the roof of the family house. The bottle would be a signal that there is a woman who desires a man for marriage. If the family is rich, the bottle would be made of glass. If the family not so rich, the bottle would be plastic. If there is a man who has an interest in the woman, he would try to shoot down the bottle and present it back to the family. If the woman accepts the man for marriage, she would give him a cup of Turkish coffee with sugar in it. If she rejects the man, the coffee would contain salt!

Pamukkale is a nice place to go for a day trip. One could get good exercise, and a good foot massage from walking along the white terraces ( lime deposits) and along the small stream of warm water falling down the terraces. Many people are walking along the way so there is an opportunity to make new friends,( if you can speak one of their languages!)
At the bottom of the terraces is a rather strong current of water. I climbed into this small canal and reclined in the current of water, resting my head on a rock, and got a wonderful water massage! Not to mention breathing in the fresh ,country , mountain air!!
One could see beautiful fields of cotton- interesting contrast of white specks along brown earth! 


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