The Many Flavours of Malaysia

I have visited Malaysia so many times that I began to lose count of all of them! From a modern city like Kuala Lumpur or Johore Bahru 

or quaint historical places like Ipoh or Melakka or the island of Penang. 

Due to the different cultures in Malaysia, one can have a Chinese congee for breakfast,
 Malay fish head curry for lunch 
and Indian dinner (served on a banana leaf!) which one can choose many different things on one plate. (not forgetting the fabulous Indian milk tea!) One could even have Malaysian beer but not very available in the very Moslem areas of the country.

On the East Coast, closer to South Thailand, one would think they were passing through the Middle East as they see turbaned men with beards and fully covered women from head to toe. Signs are written in Jawi (resembles Arabic but many of the letters are pronounced differently). The roads and very good public transport (bus, mini van etc) are convenient and are not expensive at all- 
 These are super yummy!!

Internet photo

I have yet to discover Sabah and East Malaysia and wander through jungle and forests and see a different Malaysia. Does anyone have some good advice or tips from what they experienced in that region? 


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