COUCHSURFING 102: Our experiences and fun with couchsurfing, so far !

COUCHSURFING and our experiences with it so far. We have met some really kind and fun people who generously open their home and hospitality to us (we are total strangers!) and we all end up becoming new friends! So far, we had couchsurfing experiences only in Spain, Greece and Italy, but since we enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, we plan on trying this in more countries around the world as we continue along our life's journey.

For the most part, we have stayed with guys throughout our journey as we felt more comfortable staying with those in a more like minded environment. Most of the places ranged from city apartments which had a "frat boy" feel with condoms on the floor, a vegan diet-commune feel with an unknown number of guys living there, and male bonding on the terrace passing to each other and smoking the "green cigarette" (I personally love this kind of place!)  with many cats, to classical looking flats which interior design are so beautiful that one would find their flat featured in a "Better Homes and Gardens" Magazine. (This is a magazine with impressive photos and stories which feature beautiful living environments). We also broadened our horizons more when we experienced the hospitality of a very lovely heterosexual couple in Italy. We had experiences which we will never forget, and will cherish forever!

Many a time, our hosts generously gave us his own bed in his bedroom, and also the keys to the flat which we can come and go according to our ( jetlagged ) time zone! It was especially wonderful because during the winter, it gets dark and COLD quickly, and the thought of getting out of the cold in a city which we aren't very familiar with is welcoming, especially as we watch shop keepers lock their doors and the streets get lonely, it is wonderful to come back and get a head start at cooking up a dinner which our host would enjoy with us, of course accompanied by a bottle of wine! We also enjoyed a Sunday morning stroll , as well as being a team in cooking up a Sunday brunch! Sunday brunch included many wonderful things to try, all of them home made! Before brunch we had a "starter" ( a favourite "green" cigarette, which we passed around in our interested smoke circle!) which enhanced the flavours of Sunday brunch, as well as all the colours of the food items! (Red and orange pizza seems to upset my eyes after a few puffs of "green" before brunch- ha ha ha!) as well as enhancing any fun music also being played during the time!

Our couch hosts also took us, along with their own friends, on fun activities such as thermal baths soaks, a mini concert, favourite places to try wine and local specialties shops for "foodie" things made to local tradition. We enjoy this very much. They ordered things which we would never know how to choose, and how to make the feeling of our group so wonderful. A kind couch host in Athens took me out at midnight for a drive to experience the nightlife, our style, which we would not know how to do for ourselves!

I am grateful for our being blessed , as we continue on our journey, affording opportunities for us to bless others on their life journey!