ITALY: Some of our favourite "foodie" things and the places we had them

This was wonderful! It is a sweet replacement to butter, or jam, or Nutella

Jim is a  dark chocolate addict so we tried this in a cafe in Madrid, and whenever we went to a cafe we ordered this with churros ( a long fried  doughnut, there was also a doughnut rolled shaped like stick with powdered sugar on it) which I dipped in the hot cocoa before eating it! To die for!!

The aroma when entering this claustrophobic shop  in a small town in Castel Romagno area ( where the Pope has his holiday home) was so wonderful!  We also go "educated" in different salami and dried pork items as we sampled each one further back in the shop. 

On a Sunday morning stroll, we visited these local market sellers which occupied the road in a section of the town, making that street have no cars, only Sunday walkers! Again, more sampling of different cheeses, meats, salami;  regional favourites all locally made
 Our couchsurfing boy party where we went to a fabulous foodie restaurant. The head chef is on the left.
Chris is a wine connoisseur, and we visited a very local, wine making depot for the neighbourhood.
Lovely local cheese. We brought back some Pecorino cheese as a souvenir reminder of Italy, and we are still using and enjoying it!


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