MOVIE: Bangkok Love Story, Feeling the movie

I watched the Thai movie "Bangkok Love Story"(2007)  for the first time. This is a strong, raw at times movie, untypical but at times typical in Asian style movies. Typical as in this movie there are shooting guns, gangsters, blood, melodramatic endings, with lots of action, but untypical as this movie had a male loving male theme and at some scenes very homo erotic situations.  

The director Poj Arnon (พจน์ อานนท์) who made this movie also made movies such as "Spicy Queen of Bangkok" which the characters in the movie involved a group of "gathoey" transvestite bank robbers, and also another movie with transvestites called "Cheerleader Queens". these movies are fun loving.
Having lived in Thailand for nearly six years, I felt so nostalgic watching this movie as it was filmed in Bangkok around areas which I am very familiar with. I also had good friendships with Thai guys whose looks and character were very similar to Eadt and Mahk , the two main characters in this movie. The guy I knew in Bangkok looked like Mahk and had a similar character (but he wasn't a hired killer) and I connected so much in the movie as they were both riding on the motorcycle together, as I would sit on the back of the motorbike of my friend and together at night buzz around the streets of Bangkok in the middle of the night with all it's lively scenes flashing past me as it had in the movie, many were at the same locations! 

I also had acquaintances with many Thai guys who looked as well as had the character of Eadt. A nice muscular body, wearing the same kinds of t-shirts, and also exhibiting the same kind of passions and tenderness which happened in the movie. 

I personally did not experience the dark underworld of Bangkok which certainly exists, maybe similar to the movie where there are hit men, gangster bosses, and special words in their vocabulary คิดบัญชี, etc.   

I will say that throughout my time living in Thailand, going out at night even very late at night and very early in the morning, I never in a moment felt any sense of trouble or danger, and I never saw any, although I knew quite well that trouble was easy to find if one looked for it. I knew it existed but, like it's very nature and it's name, "underworld" is usually that, under the surface. I hope I will never get the opportunity to experience this, but keep in my mind only the kind, safe,  fun loving and, mostly playful and sensual experiences which I attribute to Bangkok.


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