Queer Secrets in the خليج Arab Gulf: House Calls by two "doctors"

Queer Secrets in the Arab Gulf:  House Calls by Two "doctors"


The photos in this post are from the internet because it was not possible to get photos in these situations of my friends. The photos shown give a very good impression of the real situation which I experienced.

I liked to have more international friends to further broaden my horizons and my multicultural experience whilst living in the Gulf خليج rather than only associating with other Western expats like myself. I befriended two nice guys who were part of the foreign labourer force. We met by chance encounter whilst I was walking home from a swim in the evening, and they offered to drive me back. The summers in the Arab Gulf countries were sultry and I enjoyed a playful swim in the Arab Gulf to keep cool. 
Hossam and Hussein ( one of their countries anonymous) seemed to always be together even though they worked in different jobs and lived in different locations from each other.

In my cozy flat I would at times sleep in the front sitting room on a large pink sofa. The air conditioner in my bedroom roared and rattled very loudly but the air conditioner, essential for daily life, worked quietly and better in the sitting room.
Hossam and Hussein usually would come late at night when I was already sleeping, but would awake from the sound of small pebbles tapping against my glass window. I'd buzz them both in and they would find their way up to my floor and into my flat.

Although being butch and strong looking construction labourers, they were very polite and meek, almost appearing shy until they undressed to join me in my front sitting room. Hussein was muscular and had a wonderful dark complexion and the other guy, Hossam, a Nepali, was thin and tan in complexion and still had boyish looks. The silhouettes from their dark strong bodies being lit from only a soft table lamp intensified the exotic and erotic ambiance in the room.  Our male connection with each other was very comfortable and both of them lost their shyness once their clothes came off! One of them claimed  to be a village barefoot doctor and knew about all the traditional ways. 

Together they moved my body in erotic positions, one guy spread open wide my buttocks cheeks while the other guy further put his fingers inside me to spread open my anus and with his masculine tool, plunged all the way deep inside me very forcefully. Thrusting hard in and out, in and out wildly without stopping I could feel a strange and unexplained energy coming from inside my body starting near my abdomen, flowing up to my chest and near my throat causing me to moan and groan; not in pain but a guttural, uncontrollable groan full of orgasmic pleasure! They both took turns plunging their man tools into my overly sensitive buttocks as if it were some kind of competition as to who can make me moan and orgasm louder. Unaware of my noise level I would get a playful smack on my buttock, with a warning not to scream so loudly. They would both spend the night and leave in the morning. Another time, Hussein (the dark muscular guy) would come alone again late at night and would tell me he was "making his doctor's home visit" and that I needed one. After pushing deep inside me with his strong tool, achieving successfully to make me moan and scream loudly again, he would lift my body in his arms with his tool still inside me, and carry me over to my bedroom with the noisy air conditioner working, in order for me to "finish the job" with the results he desired. I can recall the throb feeling inside!

One time over a weekend, Hossam, (the thin boyish looking guy) being a lorry driver, took all three of us out into the small villages in the desert, eating out at small ramshackle cafeterias where other labourers ate. I would wear only a jalabiya ( traditional informal costume which is used to be comfortable around the house) and with no undershorts on!   

All three of us would ride together in the cab area of the construction lorry and would visit their friends who were other labourers along the way. These horny friends would also continue doing "doctor calls" with me but in rustic settings ( unlike the large pink sofa in my place) as they stayed in corrugated metal shacks with other residents. I suppose I was the slut for gangbang parties of hunky horny construction men in the desert villages!

When I came to know that Hussein was pilfering small things from my flat, I stopped the "doctor home calls" and wouldn't let them come to my place any more. We only had "doctor home calls" when we all went with Hossam in his lorry to the desert village places. 


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