CHAKRAN SAUNA-  Bangkok, Thailand. 

I am writing this for all the men's sauna goers when they arrive in Bangkok and are in the mood to be adventurous.

Chakran is off the tourist path in Bangkok but is accessible by the SKYTRAIN (station: Ari) or a ten minute walk down the "soi". The owners of Chakran obviously put a lot of money and quality in this sauna house, as it is luxuriously decorated with a interesting blend of Moroccan and Balinese styles. This sauna is mainly a Thai clientele. I had some interesting moments here in Chakran, as I knew the owners. I had many times put on special shows with hunky Thai guys in the large hot baths.

This is a perfect place to unwind, meditate, and feel like a luxurious prince (or "princess??") as there are many different venues to choose, lounge with huge pillows (my favourite) or sweat in the dark hot steam room, then pop into the dry heat (European style) Sauna and immediately refresh your body in the cold water pool which has a fun "waterfall" which I enjoyed playing in.

There is a bar, a massage service, and, for those who found someone they fancy, an area with very smartly decorated rooms and tastefully set up dark space for intimacy. Middle Eastern "chill out" music plays softly throughout the open areas of the sauna house.

If you are living in Bangkok there are special function days which are fun as the activities are exciting and many handsome guys are around to watch!

Chakran is a unique sauna house. It is a treat to visit and a memorable experience.


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