I had returned from an unforgettable trip to Myanmar. Flying back to Thailand, I was in Yangon airport leaving from an eye opening experience in the formerly named "Burma".
I bought 4 bottles of wine at the shops in Yangon,  and they were clinking and rattling inside my backpack which made them obvious! I put my bag on the customs conveyor belt. At first none of the authorities there were smiling. One of the customs officials grabbed my bag which was an obvious wine bottle shape. When he gestured to me what was inside the bag, and attempting to open my bag, I made a smile and a silly gesture that I will drink the bottle and I made a small drunken stupor act - the customs officer also made a drinking gesture and both of us laughed out loud. My other bag was not opened and I was cleared unnoticed! My passport got stamped at immigration and out of Myanmar without any incident!  It pays at times to humour the authorities! Imagine this happening with a TSA agent anywhere in the USA or in Europe!


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