Our offices away from home in Madrid


We felt lucky to be blessed with Regus offices membership from our airline, as they served as our offices away from home. We had full access to an office which had a computer or two, with access to the internet, a copy machine, or fax machine, free local phone calls, free fresh coffee or  at times in some places unlimited access to a vending machine which dispensed cappuccino, cafe late, hot cacao, etc for free! I used them to jump start my brain into working after a day of being out and about around the city.

Usually the Regus offices were in downtown locations and either in a business complex or as in Madrid, housed in an old family manor which kept some of it's unique characteristics!

This is one of the buildings we came to for access to our office

This is one of the rooms for our office which we came to in Madrid. Don't you wish every office looked like this?

We also had some office assistants who were very helpful and gave us all kinds of good advice. Wouldn't you agree?

Of course with the good advice and assistance they gave, another perk which we had was that we enjoyed looking at them and having them be in our presence during our office stays. Our professional experience would not be the same without their assistance!

Whilst we were having our stint in Rome, we had access to the offices in the Rome historic and convenient downtown areas, in which after we felt like we wanted somewhere to unwind for a few hours to catch our breaths, we had somewhere quiet and welcoming which we could go to. We were always greeted with a smile and felt like we had special privilege or celebrity status, even in an unfamiliar city! We had fresh coffee and some small snacks waiting for us there too! Is't that how it always should be?


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