Madrid guys: Vegan house

Fun times with guys in Madrid:  Some Vegan guys' house

Our flight arrived in Madrid at night. We felt blessed that we had some guys to hang out with, as well as learn more about the local ways of living in Madrid.
Madrid being a cosmopolitan city and the third largest city in the E.U. with her inhabitants not only native madrile├▒o and citizens from surrounding provinces of Spain, but also citizens hailing from all over the former Spanish colonies and empire of years gone by.

Our friends lived in an area called Villa de Vallecas, which is away from the tourist zone, and has an "immigrant feel" to it. The residents seem to be primarily from Central American and South American countries. Our friend Javi was from El Salvador and his partner was from Argentina and was away at work.

We arrived at his happy flat around midnight and could immediately feel the fun vibes and relaxed atmosphere which I enjoy. Aromas from different curries and spices were in the air. There were a few cats scurrying about from the other rooms and some were resting on the couches in the laid back feeling sitting room. One cat was blind so she tripped into a bunch of empty beer bottles lined along the wall, and we heard a loud crashing sound.

Javi wasted no time with showing his hospitality to us and opened a bottle of wine for Chris, some beer, and also rolled some "special" smokes which we sat out on the veranda, which was crowded with green potted plants of every kind, and we sat together and bonded, enjoying our special feelings and laughter from the few smokes which our guest kept rolling and beer. We had some heavy conversations about politics, gay life, religion, and then more politics! Gosh! What a little bit of smoke can do! I loved that feeling of togetherness!

 Opening some Spanish wine to start the party! I love experiencing a relaxed atmosphere when coming to friends' homes, and not being afraid of touching or breaking something expensive.

Our friends' were computer programmer and bloggers and had developed their own website where they cook and display different kinds of vegan foods which they made, and they also have their own radio show about vegan food! They won prizes for their craft and one of the awards was given to them that same day we arrived.

Unfortunately, we didn't have an opportunity to taste any of their vegan specialties as they were very busy, but we did wander into a very local restaurant cum bar and had some delicious local style food with non tourist prices. The next day we had plans to move to the other side of the city and hang out with our other friends who also have a fun guys' atmosphere. We had a very "short but sweet" time in Madrid so we made our rounds to experience the best and enjoy our time there to the fullest.

In the photo above, one could see "mate" which is a really nice tea which is served  in South American countries mainly Argentina, or Uruguay. It traditionally is put in a gourd and shared among the guys in a circle sipping from the silver straw, another male bonding experience I suppose!


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