Esfahan:Nefs-Jahan ( to see Esfahan is to see half the world)

Esfahan! This city is one of the major cities of Iran and, in the past, a major city in the world. The saying, Esfahan, Nefs janan نصف جهان or to see Esfahan is to see "half the world". Esfahan was one of the most thriving and important cities in the world, and was conquered by Arabs, Mongols and others. This city was one of the worlds most elegant cities, and even today there is still an "air" of class about their elegance which one could feel throughout the city as well as with the local people. Esfahan is also a major tourist city in Iran as well as a sensitive military centre in the province which makes this area of Iran sensitive and therefore the rules for foreigners, especially US tourists are particularly stringent and are supposedly enforced as we must strictly follow the itinerary of the guide. In order to check in to the hotel, we must first register with the authorities exactly what is on our itinerary and stay with the guide the whole time. There was also a more conservative feel religiously among the people in this city.

I took several photographs around this very beautiful city but wish to share only a few special moments as more professional photographs could be easily found on the internet.

I really enjoyed the time spent exploring the famous Imam Square which is the second largest urban space in the world after Tianan Min Square in Beijing. This square had a feeling of grandeur as well as many handsome Iranian guys walking around dressed very fashionably with cute smirks as an attempt to remotely flirt (?)
 It was especially nice at times to see no crowds in these famous mosques so taking photographs was not stressful!

Chehi Sotoun Palace- this was a palace where they knew how to have fun! It was famous for merriment , and the palace has paintings on how drunk parties and other hedonistic pleasures went on in the past in this palace. If I had an opportunity to go in the time machine to the past, I would have liked to experience the fun times happening in this palace!

We visited Imam Mosque as well as Lotfallah Mosques. We admired all the beautiful work done!

In Bazaar Bozorg, the longest roofed market in the world. I bought some local spices in this bazaar to bring back to my kitchen.

Esfahan is a beautiful place. It is one of those cities like Venice, where you visit it once in a life time and that would be enough.
 Imam Square in the evening. Lots of interesting guys are walking around during this time. The area is fun and has good energy.


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