Iran: Tasting the local brew!

BEER! One of my favourite beverages! I really make it a point in what ever country I travel to that I taste the local brew of that country. Of course I have some favourite choices from around the world, but this time I travelled to Iran. The traditional beer which has alcohol is not legally available and since I don't know the proper contacts, this kind of beer could not be easily found in Iran, and there were no pubs to do any pub crawling anywhere, so I opted out and tasted the non alcoholic version which I found satisfying and, surprising that Iran produces so many with unique flavours! When I was living in the Persian/Arab "Khaleej" countries, I would drink the non alcoholic variety so I was already acquainted with it's palate.

Pomegranate flavoured beer- it was quite good really!

This reminded me of a shandy which would even be permissible for children but was good with the ubiquitous kabob.

 This same brand somehow tasted much better drinking from a glass bottle.
 Coffee flavoured beer (!!) A definitely acquired taste. Never again

 This was really one of the best beers (Delster) which I have come across in Iran and was especially good with an oily and fried dish. I've never seen it sold elsewhere in the country except in this one Tehran restaurant.

This is a famous German beer "Holstein" with lemon. It had a more "German flavour" to it as it had hops .   ( next to it is Zam Zam, I didn't taste that)
This was a nice beer too, and was similar to the "lemon" beers we had above, without the lemon of course!

When I was in Tehran, there is a small provisional shop which was near the Russian Embassy. There I managed to acquire a cold "BALTYKA" in an aluminium can. - non alcoholic of course :(
The can was written in Russian and also Farsi, but also read "Brewed in Russia".  Young guys, when looking at my clear plastic bag, had big eyes and pointed at it when they spied it out among the other tantalizing items I bought! Maybe they had the right idea about good tasting beer like I have and were also searching for the "right connection" as I was??


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