FOODIE FUN in IRAN: Aubergine soup


It is wonderful to experience local food! Iran is a large country and each region has a certain specialty. We wandered along the street and came across a small shop which made a soup which was made of aubergines. It was thick, smokey, and had a nice taste, a bit like a warm "baba ghanouj"( the Lebanese specialty) but soup and not a dip. some  nice dark, friend onions were on top! My favourite! It was real comfort food!

( photo of our group with our wonderful guide Mehdi )
I absolutely love the informal feel to small places to eat like this one. It reminds me of when I was living  in Doha, Qatar. Where there is a small hangout called Beirut restaurant and it is on Electronic street. It has a male atmosphere and simple food like this place, especially wonderful is the hummus and "khoobs"- later at night with friends!


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