Persepolis: Spending a day at one of the World's Greatest Historical Treasures

Persepolis:  Experiencing a day at one of the world's greatest historical treasures

There are remains of many sites of a  grandeur past in places around the world, and many which I have seen. I will admit that Persepolis was one which has impressed me the most. With a little imagination used, I was able to sense a brief window on how life was of days gone by. I didn't make too many photos of Persepolis as one could easily find expert quality photographs on the internet, far better than what I was able to make, but I am offering here some which were memorable to my experience there.

Persepolis was the ancient capital of the Archaemenid empire and was founded by Darius the Great over 500 BC. This place was the seat of government and the centre for ceremonies and receptions. It was the wealthiest city on the planet at that time with every kind of riches available in the different rooms in the palace. Unfortunately, party poopers like Alexander the Great along with the likes of others looted and destroyed their fabulous palaces due to jealousy, revenge ( for past invasions and destruction of Greek sanctuaries), and greed. Doesn't that sound  all too familiar today?

Whilst walking through I could imagine all the festivals, all the pomp and circumstance, the amazing costumes, imagining the palace hunky guys with their exotic attire posing and parading around, all the luxuriously decorated rooms, and the equally mystifying harem. I wondered what kind of secret activities happened in those places?

The photo below is one which portrays a story of delegates in their native clothing bringing gifts of gold, silver, food, animals cloth, etc. When I see this wall and I imagine the opening procession ceremony in the current Olympics games with all the people from each country arriving in their costume parading past, I imagine it is how it was in those golden years.

In this photo there are portrayals of different royal visitors, and I jokingly pose among the royalty as if I were also an invited important guest.

With the weather being hot and the strong sun relentlessly shining rays upon us wherever we went, we got a suntan as a souvenir from Persepolis. 
There were several handsome Persian guys walking around in their small groups which added to the fun as quick flirtatious smiles from fleeting guy groups happened as I pass them by with the group of guys I came with. That made my Persepolis experience even more memorable!


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