SHIRAZ: Wandering through Shiraz Bazaar

Wandering through Shiraz's Rouhollah Bazaar

Bazaars in Iran and "Souqs" in the Arab world are always fun to wander through. They've existed throughout the ages and tell a story about the history and culture in their particular city or region. They are like a mirror of the local society they are in as local society patronises them every day. 

As times and needs change so do many of the items being sold change, but some items being traded are timeless and still are traded the same way, making one feel like they had stepped back into time.

The colours and scents are incredible! 

I felt this bazaar to have a more laid back feel to it and not as crowded. I enjoy that feel. While others with me were scouting out that perfect Persian carpet, I wandered through the spice area and brought back a fragrant spice mix for fish which I will enjoy back home. A taste and scent of Shiraz spice area will be in my kitchen each time I use the package I got!  
I also got some of the purple flower tea which is in the photo above.
If I had the opportunity to stay longer here in Shiraz I would definitely try to be a regular patron, not always to buy but to watch people as there were many handsome guys who either worked or also patronised this bazaar. It was fun to exchange flirty smiles, as well as shake hands with the bazaar merchants while visiting their area. Relationships are very important when making any kind of deal in this part of the world.


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