During the Adhan ( Call to Prayer): My experiences

During the Adhan ( Call to Prayer): My Experiences

I must tell you that I think the Adhan, Call to Prayer, has a very beautiful sound, even U. S. President Obama agrees!  The call to prayer is performed five times a day. 
When I was in Cairo, Dubai or other major cities, when the call to prayer is happening, depending on the Muezzin's experience, as well as  the stereophonic calls from other mosques are also beckoning their faithful to prayer, the feeling is calming and at times exotic. Sometimes, when the loudspeaker from the mosque is next to your window, one could get a jarring feeling in the early morning before you even have your  strong coffee! A few times the voice of the person leading the call to prayer would be of a young boy around 6 years of age, just getting some experience I suppose!

It is great that this ancient tradition gathers the faithful from a radius as far as the sound could be heard. Other religions, especially some Christian traditions have a similar call to prayer, but using bells which are also high up for all to hear. Still being relatively new, I thought this romantic notion was the norm until I got a taste of what it is like behind the scenes!

At first, at work with my class in full discussion and in the middle of an important topic, the call of prayer starts and immediately the attention of everyone was lost. " Time to bray", " Time to Brrraaaaaay!!" was the response for the very religious looking ones getting impatient and fidgety. After every call sounded off this person also added some finishing touch to each ending from the command to come to prayer. I excused everyone and they quickly left the room and pushed and crammed themselves into another room, while I had my opportunity to have a cup of tea! I brought my tea back into the room and when walking down the hall and turning the corner, I found two of the "faithful" from my room talking on their mobile phones instead of being with all the others in the prayer room. Hmmmm. I suppose they could have joined me for some tea too and then there would be no need for the look of guilt on their faces! 

Many times I was caught during to one of the five call to prayers whilst walking outside in the city centre. One time I was wandering through a usual short cut I would take  to avoid the heat,through a narrow alley way near the old souqs,
when the loud speakers startled me as well as a few others ahead of me who were  also walking somewhere. One of them was wearing a izar, which suggests he was on his way to prayer originally.  I got ahead of a couple of guys and started to smile at them in my usual innocent way followed with an innocuous nod which should have only suggested a greeting, which I had intended.  I continued walking away from the alley area  and went toward a shabby and derelict area where many old abandoned houses were to continue being in the shaded and cooler breeze. Noticing that two of the guys I smiled at were not going to the mosque but were following me instead! One of them pointed to the doorway of an abandoned house and smiled at me.

I wandered ahead into the door way of the abandoned house and he followed me in. Some moments later another guy also entered and watched as this man was giving me a thorough prostate exam on the floor which was already littered with tissue paper clumps and the faint stale aroma of musk in the air. After standing and watching for some time he decided to assist. Before you know it, there was an audience forming in and around the front door of this abandoned building- turned-into-horny guy party house! My goodness, how easy it is to attract attention away when duty calls from the mundane to do something more playful in life.
 I  do suppose the natural hunter instincts in males gets aroused everywhere around the world, but even more sweeter and exciting when it is to do something which is " playfully naughty"!


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