Curitiba, Brazil: Couchsurfing with our Brazilian friends

Sitting in front of Curitiba sign

retrograde coin phone!

After some years passed, we finally met up with our wonderful Brazilian friends who live in Curitiba, in Parana state. They are a black and white couple who have a very entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy the finer things in like as we do.
They have their own upscale home with a nice homey feeling in a quiet part of town. We stayed with them there and got to know Curitiba a bit more with them.

We had a nice visit to the Curitiba Botanical gardens which has nice plants and a good park which is open to all for family outings, picnics, and for other fun activities! There is a botanical building which reminded me of Kew gardens in London.  We also visited the Curitiba bird park which has exotic birds from all over South America. It certainly was a noisy site as very colourful birds were  singing and moving around all over inside their cages. 

Our last day in Curitiba was celebrated with a large fancy dinner party, with all the wine, nice friends and of course Dirceau's fine cooking. We enjoyed several courses of his cooking including soups, and various other specialties he made.

We feel we had gotten closer to each other on this trip, and are really looking forward to another time when we meet up and enjoy more of our company and experience more of Brazil together.


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