Parana, Brazil: Lazy days with our Brazilian friends at their beach cottage

Lazy days with our Brazilian Friends at their Beach Cottage

Our lovely Brazilian friends graciously invited us to come with them for a few days to the sea, which was only a few hours drive away from Curitiba.
It would be the first time Chris would see the Atlantic Ocean so it was a special treat. Their humble cottage was a few minutes walk from the sea, and the roaring sounds of the sea mesmerised me to sleep when I was in bed at night.
We arrived in Brazil during their winter time so when we got off the plane from Sao Paulo, I felt like I was coming back to England or even a summer in Hamburg, Germany! It was wet, rainy and around 15 to 17 C during the day! The nights were cold and cozy so that we would stay close together to keep warm.

The beach felt like a beach in England, but with waves like in Hawaii, but we enjoyed it all the same, and got some nice walking exercise in along the sandy shore.

We truly enjoyed wonderful dinners together with plenty of wine. We had some very heart to heart conversations about everything; family life, living situations, racial situations/ history in each of our countries, and the like. Di is a very good chef so we tried all kinds of Brazilian favourites. There was a fish mongers nearby which had shark on sale that day, so we grilled shark with some spicy sauces which we found in the market.

This is not the market with the shark, but it was fun wandering into this fish market as it was immediately by the sea. It reminded me a bit like Negombo in Sri Lanka.

There was a wine shop which Chris enjoyed studying about all the favourite wines from around South America, and we tried some really fun Brazilian ones too!

There was a festival being run by the village that evening, so we all decided to go to it and see what fun that would be like.

The last evening in the cottage by the beach, a dinner was made in which Dei's family would come over. The day before, Dei's mother cooked a fabulous dinner for us to try!

We enjoyed our visit and would really look forward to a different experience here in our Winter when the beaches here are lively and warm!


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