NEW ZEALAND: North Island (and a bit of South Island)

I have been lucky to have visited New Zealand two times so far in my life. 
I really like New Zealand. I find Kiwis to be more English than the English in England- they are kind and polite, and remind me of the folks in the small towns in Britain. The food in New Zealand is typically British, and has a lot of lamb on the menu. I must say that I am partial to British ales and beer and the old British pubs more than the New Zealand variety. Maybe I haven't experienced the other pubs and brews in the country to make a fair assessment yet?

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The first trip I made to mainly the North Island, staying with a gay friend of mine in Auckland who owned a gay porn shop with a big cruising and glory hole maze business in the downtown area. In the evenings we went to every gay bar in Auckland. He dressed me up appropriately to his  own taste when we had our nights out together. I even got bare buttocks spankings in a leather bar there!
Auckland is a typical friendly city which looks like San Francisco a bit.

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I went to Wellington for the day and had a dinner and a chance to try New Zealand ale at a pub which reminded me of one in England. Wandering around that city's iconic places like the "Bee Hive" (Parliament bldg) and typical High Street shopping and market areas. The city becomes a ghost town at night as everyone clears out, so I spent my night at a clever youth hostel.

Taking a ferry across from North Island to South Island at Tipton, I was on my way to a wonderful gay guest accommodation called Autumn Farm (

  in an area called Takaka, Golden Bay. This is a wonderful clothing optional establishment for gays run by two wonderful guys both named Peter. One being a horticulturalist, the gardens are pristine with flowers, a wonderful garden where the salad ingredients come from, and fruit trees all over the property. The main house has several rooms for rent and a large kitchen were guests get to prepare group dinners. Evening is wine and cheese and great conversation! I was on the WOOF programme where I would work for a few hours and would therefore get my accommodation and food for free. ( I couldn't afford to pay to stay there)- Jobs would be things like collecting some fruit or nuts, shoveling animal manure, assisting with jobs around the property, the composting, etc. I fed for the first time some sheep- They came up to me as I fed them acorns and two of them kissed me on my nose. I felt so very touched by them. There were many nice guys at this place who would be playful and also during the day would make small trips locally to places like Cape Farewell and Farewell spit. 

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I galloped playfully along a green hill way in which I could see down below the ocean- I felt like I was Mary Poppins or someone like that!


The other time I visited New Zealand was during one Christmas when I was not able to fly home. I spent the holiday with my English friend at his relatives home in Coromandel Peninsula area. I also went to soak in the natural hot spring rivers in Taopu. They are natural and non commercial and most of all FREE!

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It was amazing to crawl to the middle of the river where the water gets hot, and relax in the healing comfortable water.

I very much look forward in the future to visit more of the South Island. There is a whole different world of scenery, geographical amazment and way of life there, waiting for a few friends and me to explore. Do you want to come with me too?


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