CURITIBA BRAZIL: A Visit to the Curitiba Bird Park

Curitiba Brazil: A Visit to the Curitiba Bird Park

Curitiba has some interesting parks, and our friend showed us this one. There is a small exercise park inside, but also a bird park. Being in South America and with the famous Amazon area, we naturally assumed there would be some interesting birds to see. 

The birds mostly were in huge cages and looked and behaved like detainees which have been locked in too long and are competing for your attention to let them free. 

 Each cage had an exotic bird, coming from different areas of Brazil as well as South America. Each one sang and competed with the birds in the next cage, making a cacophonous symphony for us who were nearby.
 We were certainly entertained by the different beautiful colours of the birds as well as their songs, or perhaps, pleas for help to be free?

There was a green area nearby which had many joggers and cruisy looking men going around- with the birds being in the background - perhaps is a space for meeting new friends. Looking up behind the bird cages we spied some open windows of apartment buildings just nearby. We would only imagine the constant bird sounds coming through those windows! 

There was a section of the park which also had a few monkeys climbing from branch to branch- this was fun to see also.

It is really fun to explore and experience the small nooks and secrets hidden inside and around the city of Curitiba, and around the state of Parana.


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