MEXICO CITY: My Impressions Experiencing the World's Largest City

MEXICO CITY: My Impressions Experiencing the World's Largest City

I  put Mexico City on the list of my favourite cities in the world among places like Shiraz, Bangkok, Cairo, Prague and more.
We stayed not in hotels but our preferred CouchSurfing experience with a wonderful gay male couple which allowed us to feel the city more from a local perspective. We also have made some new friends!
When our plane was in the final minutes before landing we flew over Mexico City and were impressed at how enormous the city was, and I was comparing it to how I felt when I was in Tokyo.

We used the Metro as our main means of transport around the city, which cost each time 5 Pesos. ( .25c USA) The metro was clean and felt safe. The amount of people using the metro was unbelievable!

 Each place we went there were huge amounts of people, of every kind. One of the fun things about Mexico City metro is flirting with cruisy handsome guys. We saw public displays of affection between gay men and lesbian encounters so freely for all to see, something which wouldn't take place in prudish and largely homophobic places in USA these days.

We found the traffic in the streets very crowded and competed with traffic jams in Bangkok or Los Angeles.  Riding the metro allowed us to only experience the Mexico City traffic only from the windows of our metro train as we sped over and around the gridlocked streets below.

Throughout our whole experience in the world's mega-metropolis, we never felt any feeling of harm or danger. We found everyone polite and humble in every encounter throughout our stay. A ubiquitous Police and other security presence seen throughout the whole city, along with cameras was similar to places like London.

The historic area of Mexico City reminded me of Madrid, Spain in many ways. 

We enjoyed wandering with the local people along the streets passing museums and other places Mexicans are proud of. We even experienced a peek of what Aztec life was like from an archeological discovery unearthed right in the middle of the city.

We were pleasantly surprised when we were ordering food in restaurants in Mexico city as the costs were very reasonable and the service was pleasant. We also sampled local street food on several occasions, tasting the local flavour. I experienced some pre-Hispanic indigenous flavours when I had worms, ants and friend grasshopper plate.

 It was wonderful! Chris had a hibiscus and watercress salad.

 We really enjoyed the nostalgic cafe culture. I enjoyed the hot cacao with churros like I experienced in Madrid a few years ago. Chris found an interest in Mexican wine as we sampled in wine bars too!

Being the largest city in the world, we only experienced a fraction of what happens there. We are looking forward to another visit to get a  clearer vibe or pulse of what makes that city and the millions of residents who call Mexico City home "tick". We hope to be invited to more homes and experience homemade cooking next time. 

Thank you Mexico City for a wonderful preview of more of your beauty and anticipating more to come in the near future!


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