QUERETARO Mexico: A day trip on the Cheese and Wine Trail

Queretaro: A Day Trip on the Cheese and Wine Trail

We got an opportunity to experience a fun day trip with our wonderful Couchsurfing hosts to a cheese factory and a winery on the "Wine and Cheese Trail".
After the tour of the winery, there is a paella dinner served with a glass of wine from the winery, served outside with the vineyards surrounding us as our view.

Boarding a comfortable bus the three-hour ride to the location seemed to go quickly as we fell asleep.

                our Couchsurfing friends Raul and Isaac

             We like the fancy nets we had to wear

Upon arrival we all had some samples of the cheese produced at the cheese factory which was set in a bucolic farmhouse feel with a cellar underground where the cheese would age. The explanations were only in Spanish, but we had an idea of how cheese was made, so it was easy to look at the demonstrations.

Next was a stop at a winery which was not far away. Again, the explanations were only in Spanish. We looked at all the bottles and wine barrels which were deep down in a cool cellar.

At the end of the winery, we went to a large area of tables and were served paella, which was probably Mexican style paella, or an interpretation of what they thought paella was. 

                our friends ordered portobello mushroom- maybe they knew better?

The glass of wine which they produced was really nice and we bought another bottle to open and share so that it would overshadow the paella. The ambiance had a lively and fun atmosphere.

We after the meal strolled around the grounds and rested in the shade under a large tent. 

After some moments of leisurely rest, we boarded the bus again and headed back to Mexico City and arrived after nightfall.

Our Couchsurfing friends made our walking back have a romantic feel to it as we experienced a stroll past some beautiful buildings which they were proud of.


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