SOUTH AFRICA : Guys' road trip adventures in Durban, Nelspruit and Hibiscus Coast (Margate and Oribi Gorge)

Guys' Road Trip in Durban, Nelspruit and Hibiscus Coast (Margate and Oribi Gorge) via Swaziland and Mozambique

After saying our goodbyes to our wonderful Mozambique friends and our French host, we made our way on our guys' trip through Swaziland to Durban and the south Coast areas in South Africa.

It definitely was not a monotonous voyage as we stopped off for fun local food, local ( Mozambique! ) beer and other goodies before crossing the border into Swaziland. We got some extra beer and drinks as we quickly learned how to give "dash" to the border people and soldiers along the trip. Our vehicle was searched by these several times at checkpoints along the trip.

Driving on a road which passes all kinds of farm land with goats and cattle many times in the road, in only a few hours time we came across this sign:

Durban's famous Victoria Market was a favourite haunt of ours, and it was fun to re visit the spice market, and see other things there.

Durban has a large Indian population, and we had our opportunities to experience local Indian food, Durban Style.

Our friend's sister was a manager at a large hotel near the sea in Durban, so we got a nice, water view room on a higher floor in the hotel.

After Durban, we drove across the coast to the 
coast to a seaside town named Margate. We rented a nice flat in that town and had fun with more South African friends who also lived in that area. Wine, beer and dinner parties, bath tub fun and laughter!

We both particularly enjoyed waking up before everyone else and had a stroll by the sea, and breakfast in a fun restaurant by the seaside. The waitress was very kind to us and helped us nicely.

Photo: One of our parties with the guys! fun!

Chris went zip lining across Oribi Gorge with the other guys, which is at a game reserve. I was so very scared of heights and was not at all going to be on a zip line.

I walked over a suspension bridge which wiggled and swayed over the gorge instead. I never looked down below me.

On our drive around the game reserve, we marveled over the animals which were roaming around or in packs together on the plains.

Another real treat was to meet our friend's mother and her husband. They lived in a township area nearby.  It was a pleasure to be invited to a nice dinner cooked by our friend's mother, special for us, at her home. I real rare treat for us to have this opportunity!

This trip to the south coast whet our appetite to return along this area near Margate. There are many holidaymaker towns along the coast which we would love to experience more. Since we have friends who live in the area, we shall with certainty be re visiting again!


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