SOUTH AFRICA: Experiences in Johannesburg's Townships and Suburbs from our eyes

South Africa:  Experiences in Johannesburg's Townships and Suburbs from our eyes

Johannesburg has a reputation. It's character and history have made it the city that it is. So many people call Johannesburg home. We had the opportunity to experience staying with our gracious African friends in their lovely home in the nearby suburbs of Johannesburg called Brakenhurst,  Alberton. It is a more upscale neighbourhood where homes have high walls, each home has a security system with electric wire fence to make their fortress safe.

 Our friends told us that the insurance company makes everyone do that. Our friends were discriminated by the White neighbours before they moved in, but the landlady is a lawyer, so everyone is quiet now.

Our friends collected us from the airport and took us to their home which had been decorated specially in honour of our visit. We were treated like Zulu kings!

 Flower petals were greeting us at the door step, and a lavish lunch waiting for us! 

 We connected with them so perfectly and we have a wonderful relationship! By hanging around and helping in the kitchen I even learned some local cooking secrets! 

We had really fun dinner parties with a local celebrity showing up!

We will also share our experiences with our opportunity to see the townships. Famous ones like Soweto, and also Katlehong, and an estate living place called The Falls Lifestyle Estate, which is in Johannesburg.

Some friends are living there too, where we had dinner together.

Katlehong is a township which has a fun dance club called Hurricane. 

 The atmosphere was groove, and everyone there was enjoying and very kind-  I was the only European guy there but was received with kindness and handshakes and pats on the back, and smiles! 

There are other clubs nearby which we only peered our heads into, as it was already so late for us, but we promise to come back and enjoy them next visit.

Soweto is a very lively and avant garde neighbourhood now.
Many of the people there were of the younger fashionable crowd, and progressive, as we were holding hands together ( men holding hands openly) and we didn't get stared at.

Our visit to this area was very short but sweet and a wonderful introduction which whets our appetite to explore more intimately Johannesburg city as well as more of the surrounding townships and regions! Can't wait to return again!


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