MALLORCA, Spain: The Low Season Experience on Mallorca

Visiting Mallorca: The Low Season Experience
Places like Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza for us seem to be when imagined are sunny holiday islands where there there are endless beaches.

I was very pleasantly surprised to experience Mallorca and the diversity the island has!

Palma de Mallorca, at least the area of the city we stayed in gave me vibes and nostalgic feelings of Beirut Lebanon at times, and also reminded me of Italian towns and of  places in North Africa.
The old section of Palma de Mallorca has wonderful back streets which feels like the Crusaders were still going through the area. 
I could imagine a celebrity like Sophia Loren appear out of some of the villas near the sea side area, with the private yachts and restaurants.

In the old sector of Palma de Mallorca, we went to a wonderful restaurant in a cozy backstreet area. The owner was Italian, and served Italian food which he cooks himself. The atmosphere was homey and happy. There was a lot of laughter among the other patrons also enjoying with us.
 The owner took us back into the wine cellar, which really smelled like a real wine cellar and had many kinds of wine. It was an enjoyable evening.

We had a nice hot tub in our hotel room which we used whenever we were in the room. We had a robe, slippers, and were even given as a gift a bottle of champagne! 

I was enjoying early already

The rooftop view from our hotel. The eternity pool was not heated so it was waiting for summer patrons.

We were surprised to find great chocolate cake at a McCafe in Palma de Mallorca!

Pride is taken in local varieties of jambon 

We rented a car and travelled around beautiful mountainous villages on Mallorca's Serra Tramuntana.

Exploring an old ruin of a tower.

Deia:  We were charmed by experiencing this mountain town during low season. Only one restaurant was open as most of the town was closed for the season. The colours of the buildings together with the misty fog and waterfall made me reminiscent of some towns in Nepal I wandered through.

We greatly enjoyed our initial experience in Mallorca, and want to experience more of the island, especially the other side of the island which was closed for the season when we were there.


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