ISRAEL: A Half Day Soak in the Dead Sea and Masada Visit

ISRAEL: A Half Day Soak in the Dead Sea and Masada Visit

We took a half day tour from Jerusalem to see the Masada Fortress and to soak in the famous Dead Sea. 
It was fun to hear about the Dead Sea not being a sea but a lake, and that the lake is dying and not yet dead.
We met an Indian man on the trip and we together enjoyed the experience for that day.
We saw people from all over the world there, all making their pilgrimage to the ritual of soaking and feeling good.

The water feels like a brine which one would use to make pickles. The salt content is very high and if a drop of the water falls in your eye it burns, and wiping it away with wet salty hands only adds to it.

 Floating was effortless and fun. I was not able to sink lower and further out one floats the deeper it gets but no worries of sinking.

The mud from the bottom which is scooped up with your hands is fun to play with and feels like a nice face wash. My skin and my joints were rejuvenated for the rest of the day!
I definitely want to return and soak some more in this novel giant pool of prehistoric wonder.

Masada was originally a weekend get away for King Harrod. He felt the happiest when he was at this place more than 2000 years ago. It was destroyed a few times in this typical Middle Eastern region's history, but glad to see some ruins to show it's legacy.

Some remains of the Roman camp which they used to plot their invasion of the fortress.


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