AKKO: Experiencing an Ancient City from the Crusaders

AKKO: Experiencing an Ancient City from the Crusaders

Akko is one of those very ancient cities which was in existence for more than 4,000 years. It became a Crusader and also an Ottoman city. Besieged and invaded by many, it has an amazing history.
Apostles Peter and Paul also stayed in Akko.
Today, the population in Old Akko is predominantly Arab, and the Jews made their section in a newer part of the city outside of the walled area ( Al-Jazzar)

We stayed in the Old City and experienced Akko with an Arabic flavour. Staying in a "luxury flat" named "Zarqa",

our large place was fit for a prince or princess, with a room dedicated to our own hot tub, and modern showers.

Great detail of attention was given to make our stay comfortable. Abdullah was our gracious host and was very attentive to us the whole time we stayed there. We had our breakfast brought up to our room. 

It was fun to wander around the narrow streets and back ways around the old city.

One would imagine if the walls and streets could talk what stories would told!


Most hours of the day, one could see cars passing by with virile Arab guys who were cruising around driving  up and down the streets, and along the seaside drive. At night the cars would drive slowly around, with hunky Arab men, making me wonder if what fun activities they were in search of!  

The Templar during the Crusaders eras built a secret tunnel under the city to assist European pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, protecting them from hostile Muslims. This was discovered very recently!

I found the feeling in Akko to be fun and feel very happy that we paid a visit to that once important and historic city.


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