Experiencing Nazareth in Modern Times

Experiencing Nazareth in Modern Times

Nazareth is the famous city where Jesus Christ grew up, and where Mary and Joseph settled after leaving Egypt. This was over 2,000 years ago. Today Nazareth would probably be unrecognisable to any of those people, as Nazareth is a modern place with only a few excavations which depict what a dwelling would have been during that time many centuries ago. 
Almost all of the places which even depict a landmark where some important event happened, there is a very modern building ( perhaps built around 1969, etc) in the location, or the original spot is several layers deep under the ground.

Some of our photos which capture today's modern Nazareth.

Mary's Well: This seems to be the location even long ago, but the structure is refurbished and many modern buildings surround it.

As we were wandering down some narrow streets, we spied a small shop with a nice Arab man, who owns the shop. We smiled at him as he was standing in the doorway. According to the Arab tradition, he offered us some coffee, which we accepted. We were delighted that it was the traditional Arab coffee with cardamom. We had a small chat with him about his life, about his little shop and after finishing our coffee we went more on our way. Most of Nazareth is Arab. There is a large mosque which is right on the path of the "pilgrim path" on the street which we were walking on.
We also spotted a lot of "eye candy" everywhere too!

Nazareth is a place if one is looking for a guest house or a restaurant, to say that you were in Nazareth.

It was fun to be in a famous and historic town like this one.


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