Cape Verde: Our Secret Treasure Island

Cape Verde: Our Secret Treasure Island

Our intention of visiting the islands of Cape Verde has finally materialised. Cape Verde/Cabo Verde, which are a group of islands 500km off the West African coast, are in fact not green but due to being part of the Sahel region, are desert and brown.

We fell in love with Cape Verde the moment we arrived and they are our secret treasure islands, which we know we will be returning to again and again.

The history of Cape Verde is sordid and painful as it was the first location for European trading of African slaves, and the scars are very real today. European invaders, colonisers, and other groups from Africa give Cape Verde an interesting culture, language ( each island has their own accent!) and culinary delight.

We wish to share most of our first experience and impressions in photos here.

Praia is the capital city and the economic centre for Cape Verde. It is the largest city with the main government and embassies, and an urban feel.

We enjoyed the local vibe in each place and found the people humble, kind and welcoming.

A perfect fish luncheon, on the sea

I wanted to dive into the water like the local people were, and they let me join in on the fun! The sea was perfect!

We befriended one of the security guards at our Praia hotel.
 A fun secluded beach where we admired the sea and the rock formations etched out from the sea.

The mountains in the middle of the Santiago island are green and mountainous, and are a contrast to the desert like conditions on the other islands. We found this to be like a Shangri la!

 Idyllic feeling!
 Dinner at our hotel restaurant, right on the sea shore!

A feeling of JOY and happiness!

The first Slave trading post where Africans would be punished and sold, a monument to the islands' horrible past. The feeling and energy is still felt and alive walking around that monument.


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