Cape Verde: A visit to Sao Vincente,

Cape Verde: A visit to Sao Vicente.

A short flight from Praia takes one to an island with bucolic mountainous beauty, and the home to the late Cape Verdean singer Cesaria Evora.

Most holidaymakers visiting Cape Verde usually stay on the beach and in resorts made especially for them.  We chose to go to the opposite side of the island to a beach hotel named Residential GOA. 
This fun hotel is run by an eclectic French couple and it is right on the sea shore!
When we arrived, we were met by a very vivacious woman named Rafael, with her flowing clothes blowing in the wind, she cheerfully says "bonjour"!  "bonjour!" several times. Her husband, Stan, almost being blown over by the wind greets us with a friendly and warm Hello/ Bonjour too.  They are both perfect hosts and go out of their way to make you feel happy. There are a few women who work in the kitchen and around the lodge. They are very beautiful!

We were immediately offered a beer or a glass of wine, and also shown to our room, which was right on the beach as the waves from the ocean lulled us asleep. 

The main lodge room had a calming and "chill" African vibe, with local Cape Verdean and West African music playing the whole day. There are African books and Curio items around the lodge. There is a bar with bottles of the usual alcoholic drinks and Portuguese as well as local beer.

We were able to wander around on the sea shore and wander around the small village areas. The island has beautiful mountains and other larger towns which we have yet to experience, and we are looking forward to experiencing Mardi Gras on another visit.

The last evening we were at the Residencial GOA, Rafael cooked up a three course fish and seafood dinner and we had wine with it. They offered some "Grog" which is a local alcoholic drink. I sampled it but it was not my favourite, but I was happy to try it!

 We will definitely be returning to this wonderful part of the world as Cape Verde claimed our hearts!


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