Lisbon, Portugal: A Fun Weekend Experience in Youthful Lisbon

Lisbon is an old Western European city with a notorious past, but the Lisbon I experienced was a blend of the old, in terms of architecture and culture, and the newer youthful city. Lisbon has an amazing nightlife, which was even amazing to witness from a distance. We were in the city during the weekend and these are some typical scenes.

For the most part, the night life was predominantly heterosexual, but I do suppose there was a mix of LGBT fun, as there were some clandestine clubs around.

As any typical large city with nightlife, one would see at the very early hours, groups of young partygoers walking, very drunk or stoned, looking at their half mast eyes, tripping over kerbs and bottles, etc. It was a good time, but one had to keep their awareness at a higher level later at night.

We wanted to experience some local Fado singing in a Fado house. The feeling was polite, the food was nice, and the kind and conscientious waiter assisted in finding a nice wine for us. 

The artists who sang and played for us in the Fado house. They were very kind.

We had special VIP access to the lounge on the top floor of our hotel in Lisbon. We enjoyed a beer and a wine.

Our state of the art hotel room had many electrical gadgets in it, and I let my playful self come out when I got onto the swing which was in our hotel room.


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