MOROCCO: Along Casablanca's Corniche

MOROCCO: A stay along Casablanca's Corniche

Being my second visit to Casablanca, we decided to stay at the Corniche area and experience another side of the city. We did see some of the tourist sites but went off the beaten path as much as we could to feel a bit more of what local people did.

There were similar establishments along the whole Corniche area which looked like this.

A visit to a tea shop which we enjoyed the attention of a very nice and flirty server.

The kind man at the bar assisted us with wine and opening our own wine bottle. He was very sweet, and we are in contact with him still.

Enjoying a coffee at a more cosmopolitan and contemporary cafe in the city.
A fun man who was running a shop in the tourist area in the old city. He was a joy to meet.

Casablanca's answer to Baywatch. He was a life guard by the rather treacherous ocean. His enchanting smile and kindness was infectious! He invited me to go swimming in the sea but I was not an expert swimmer for the waves. Interesting how he would resuscitate me if I were to be succumb to the water.  

We enjoyed a fun beer and a wine, at the countryclub by the Corniche.


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