SOUTH AFRICA: Getting More Intimate with Johannesburg

Getting More Intimate with Johannesburg.

After having a few visits to Johannesburg with experiences being mostly superficial, staying in the suburbs by driving through, my South African friends agreed with me and I would experience that big city more intimately.

I have a keen interest in traditional herbs and wellness, so a visit to a neighbourhood called Kwamaimai was on our agenda.

It was in an inner city feeling area, and had a market which different vendors would have a shop with different traditional African wisdom herbs, bones, skins, roots and other ingredients. 
I enjoyed the atmosphere and wandering the narrow alley like walkways, used in the past during the Apartheid years to segregate the genders of labourers working in that district. Eventually male and females would be allowed to co-habitat together in that area.

 These ladies were traditional healers in their small shop

A truly fascinating and high energy filled evening was when we went to Liquid Blue, an exciting LGBTQ+ club in Melville area. 
This place was one of the most fun places I have been out to in a very long time! After being body frisked (my buttocks groped!) at the door by a big bouncer, one could feel the vibrations of the acoustics and music in the rib cage upon entry into the club!

Every other male in the club was handsome and the sexual energy was on high overload! The music was alive and frisky flirty actions happened through the night. I occasionally left my small group to pop over into another group, and flirted with the cute guys in that group bodies rubbing, biceps admired, smiling eyes and winks exchanged, later to return back to my own coterie, which were standing and enjoying their beers.

There were, of course the occasional small group scuffle where the bouncer would chase them out, and also the occasional inebriated patron who would fall flat on the dance floor with his head bouncing on the floor, but getting back up and back to drinking.
We stayed at this club until closing time! The exciting energy flowed out into the street until we got our ride back home.
Reaching home, our friend and his boyfriend who joined us came back home with us and the three of us shared the bed together. I remember very well the night activity sounds happening in our bed that night!

A rather strange experience happened when I went to the WC to relieve myself from the many beers I had. Upon entry to the  WC room there were groups of men laughing and convivial activities including smoking weed. I approached the urinal and instantly everyone cleared out from the room, and I was left alone!  I am wondering if it were something left behind from some old laws from apartheid which were lingering among everyone there.

Another exciting evening was at a club called The Factory, near the Hillbrow neighbourhood in the inner city. 

The Factory, aptly named as it was a rundown, sleazy and spooky meeting place where males got undressed until naked, and either wandered around in the dark rooms and hallways where everything imaginable which horny gay and married men who enjoy other men's company occurred. The corners were littered with strewn used tissue paper and condoms. Sounds of spanking, moaning, and panting from shear sexual appetite echoed around the dark caverns of the factory.
The men were of all ages, body shapes and sizes, and all African. ( except me of course). My personal experiences would not be able to be mentioned here, except for one of the other options which a patron would have was to sit at the bar and have a beer or cocktail, and partake in on the many lively conversations happening, either between the other naked patrons and or with the naked bar staff.
It was in the early morning hours when we finally decided to leave, but full action was still underway.  I have been told famous local celebrities, bank managers and high profile businessmen are patrons here during the weekdays, and many lunch breaks are taken at the Factory. What an experience!

During the day, my friend took me to Mandela Square where he had some business at. After his successful dealing there we enjoyed some cocktails together there!

I am falling in love with the special vibes and learning how the intricate manoeuvers bring an exciting vibe to this city, Johannesburg.


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