Morocco: Making New Special Friends in Fez

Morocco: Making new special friendships in Fez
Fez is a fascinating city with a very interesting history. There is an interesting mix of AlAmazeekh ( old name berber) and Arab, as well as other groups from Africa and some Europeans.

The old city is fun to wander around in, and gets especially active at night.

We wandered a bit through the souq, but since it is quite large, we have to return to Fez to experience more of the old city and more of the old souq.

People are friendly and we enjoyed fun and courteousness from whomever we met.

The most exciting moments came when we arrived at our Riyad, which was quite late at night. Everything was locked and all the lights were out. Moments later the lights went on, and a very jovial "welcome!" and a big smile came from the Riyad owner. He graciously showed us to our room. 

The Riyad experience was like staying in an Arabian sheikh's palace. There was a lot of money and energy in all the details around the rooms, lobby and the grounds around the riyad.
Each room had a different theme and story behind it. The young owner is the 4th generation riyad manager in his family, and we met the family, including the loving mother and even grandmother!

Swimming in the swimming pool felt luxurious and was one of the best swimming experiences I had whilst staying in a guest house!

We got to become friends with the family and the mother invited us to go with her to see her village in the Atlas mountains area, which was in a Amazieh ( Berber) village. 
We had some very heartfelt conversations about politics, religion, culture and of course business in the evenings as well as during other places we went around with them in.

We were invited to a wonderful lunch, and a small wander around the area, with fresh air and a different energy than Fez had in the city.

Because we are friends, we stay in contact with each other. This means we will be returning to Fez more often.


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