South Africa: A Xhosa Cooking Class in Langga Township, Cape Town area

SOUTH AFRICA:  A Xhosa Cooking Class in Langa Township, Cape Town area.

We had a wonderful opportunity to experience Xhosa cooking with a very wonderful local lady named Mama Lindi. The cooking class was in Langga Township, near Cape Town. Africans were banished to live here in the 1800s due to an outbreak of a disease back then.

Mama Lindi was very playful, lively and always singing! At 72 she was very active and youthful.

There were some others who helped in the kitchen as this place is a training school for locals to learn how to cook and other hospitality concepts.

SMILEY: A sheep's head which is eaten by local people all the time. It tastes wonderful!

Locally made beer made of sorghum, and is used for ceremony as well.

We had CHAKALAKA stew and Pop and some great Xhosa greens!

making bread over the fire.

We learned a lot from this experience and had a small window into the lives of local people who live and work in the Townships.


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