Cape Verde: Experiencing Carnival in Mindelo

Cape Verde: Experiencing Carnival in Mindelo

Our first carnival experience. We hear of all the different versions of Carnival around the world, and came to know that there was a fun version in one of our favourite countries, in Mindelo; a quiet and quaint colonial style village on Sao Vicente island. We booked a nice and convenient hotel in the city right in the heart of the Carnival parade!

Days before the first day of Carnival, even in the capital city Praia, the energy was thick in the air! Drumming and rehearsals could be heard in different parts of the city and towns on both islands!
Finally, the day arrived and when the agressive drumming started my heart just filled with joy!

Our lovely waiter and friend at the hotel we stayed at in Mindelo,named Paulo.

  During our wanders around the small Mindelo streets, I stumbled on a men's hair salon for my first Carnival haircut. I watched many other guys in different hair cutting shops and got the feel to experience my own.

Some photos of scenes of Carnival from our eyes.

                                                           Blue Mandingo man

A very kind security guard from our hotel. Eagerly at our service.

People were incredibly kind and wonderful, really.  I got so many fist bumps, arms around my waist and shoulder, endless smiles, laughter. We left with such a good feeling in our hearts that it was painful to be on the plane watching the island shore pass by leaving a blue ocean, and the intentions of visiting another version of Carnival again!


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