Lebanon: A visit to Jeita Grotto

                                    A visit to Jeita Grotto

This amazing grotto just a short ride ( 18 km from Beirut) in a town called Nahr al-Kalb where stalactite and stalagmite formations at a faerie land like atmosphere!
There is a cable car similar to what one would find in Tunel in Istanbul which brings visitors to the grotto entrance. A small train delivers vistors to the lower section of the grotto.

The guards working here are very strict about photos and if one tries to sneak a photo and the flash goes off, the photographer will be sent back to the locker area to keep the camera before returning to the cave.

The temperature is cool and damp and drips of water are constantly falling from various directions. There is a ramp to walk along which keeps the area protected.

To experience the lower section, a boat service goes along the narrow ways on clear blue cold water.  Our very kind boat driver sneaked a photo for us! 


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