Doha, Qatar: Meeting Guys Along the Corniche

I had my own flat on a busy road which was convenient to all the shops, bakery, and supermarkets. As I was moving in, the man whom I was taking the flat over from was leaving and I also inherited all his notorious friends which he was playing with. Those friends would tell other friends in their coterie, similar to the Amway network style, and every day I would have friends coming to my place as well as nice guys who would meet me whilst I was walking along the Corniche, and befriend me.

 The Corniche- is a public area which people stroll around and is located near the Gulf waterside. One can see all kinds of faces whilst strolling with your friends. A stroll along the Corniche later at night can be a new adventure as horny local guys in big fancy cars would go cruising for some fun and new friendships. Believe me it is great fun to meet new friends this way and no one ever tried to harm me- only horny fun!

They knew that coming to my flat that they would be able to feel free and wouldn’t need to keep their official “face” which is needed in public. I learned that Arab guys are very affectionate, playful, very sexual, and they know how to have a good time, behind closed doors and away from religion.

My friends would come by my flat in their big flashy cars, asking me to go out with them. Usually a group of 2 or 3, sometimes more. Once leaving the city centre, away from the secret police and judging eyes, one is greeted by the desert. My Qatari friends would take me to the desert for an evening, sometimes an overnight tent camping party- food , I was also at a fabulous lunch at a villa of one of the royal family,as well as sneaked into family villas for "tea and fun"! A male bonding experience- intercultural friendships!

Barbecue in the desert is simple and delicious. Usually mutton or beef. Pork is “haram” حرام
forbidden. The only place where pork could be bought is in special places in Dubai. Usually tea is made to drink but if a friend had special “connections” ( I had a special friendship with one of the top secret police guys (CID) and was "untouchable" by the moral police and had a contraband setup  in his LandCruiser- another story!) then alcoholic beverages would very discreetly be enjoyed in the tent with raucous laughter, flirtatious behaviour, horsing around and whatever else “boys will be boys” would do! Of course all behind closed doors. If you see any of them in public they would have an official and formal demeanor.

I prefer the places my local friends would take me in the middle of the night. They were hole in the wall establishments which only guys would go to, with Umm Kalthoum style music playing as we chattered the hours away smoking sheeshaالشيشة  (a hubbly bubbly water pipe) and drinking Karak tea, eating spicy meat sandwiches from a nearby Indian run shop until the wee hours! OH! such nostalgia!
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