ETHIOPIA: 20 Person Taxi

Bus travel in Ethiopia is a FUN experience! ( "servees" taxi, small (Lada) Taxi, or bus transport of various sorts)
Many times the buses are old but definately full of character- and the small van types can fill many people ( I experienced 20 in my van!)- The fare is around 1 or 2 Birr to go across the city and a few Birr more to do further areas.

Almost any type of person fills these forms of transport from elderly women and men to ladies in fancy dress and fashionable guys! Try one bus for yourself!

Mind you that most of the buses have virtually no emission control so black smoke bellows out and flows everywhere- and into your nostrils and lungs!
another aspect is that there is a ticket man who collects your fare for the ride so you are helping to keep locals employed!


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