Napoli, Italy: - Poseidon's Garden

POSIEDON'S GARDEN - is a thermal bath park located on a small island off the coast of Napoli, ( mostly visited by "up scale" locals from Napoli,)  there is a fun water park, spa, thermal baths recreation park- the water is heated naturally from under the ground- I believe the area has volcanic action going on. The sauna uses the steam and heat coming naturally from the waters! If you put your feet in the small streams of steamy water along the park your feet will burn!!

I came here with my two lovely Czech friends ( you can see us in these photos) for the day. We all really enjoyed this place and especially looked at the funny people ( some of them looking like Mrs. Simpson in the famous Simpson cartoons!) or one of my strange old aunties which everyone could claim they have in their family.
The clientele seemed to be mostly adults on the day that we were there. The wading pools are nice enough to stay in for a long time. Everyone must wear a hat, which we didn't bring along, so we fashioned things which we had to resemble head covering. There seemed to be every opportunity available to enjoy either the soothing warm waters or a nice, steamy sauna. I believe there might be a few places like this around Italy, and I would love to experience more of them!


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