Camping with the guys in Calabria, Italy: Cave and Grotto Swim!

Off the coast of Calabria, whilst on our camping adventure, we took a boat to some place in the sea and went swimming through arches, caves and grottos- the water was beautiful and blue but so FREEZING!!! but refreshing!! - not full of tourists so it was WONDERFUL!

 I got a holiday time and met my three Czech friends in Prague. Together we all went by a private chartered Czech motor coach to Calabria, Italy. My friends luckily arranged everything in advance and the price was quite reasonable. We stayed in Praia e Mare area in a campsite which also let out small cottages- most of the clientele were from the former Socialist countries- and affordable for good times! There was an outdoor disco, a bar, a small supermarket as well as some touristy souvenir shops in the camp area. A private part of the beach was available and we took advantage of that- as well as swimming into the grottos and freezing water lagoons which were blue/green in colour! There was a strange water slide park which was fun ( a pic of me crawling out from one of the funny exhibits in the water slide park can be seen on this page)- 
There was a pizzeria nearby but the pizza wasnt good. We ate Czech food which we made together in the cottage - saving money ( buying ingredients from the supermarket in town)- we also brought our own Czech beer which we preferred more than Italian beer. 


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