Abyaneh: A visit to a living museum town in the mountains

Abyaneh is a living museum town near Natanz, is one of the oldest towns in Iran. Most of the remaining inhabitants of this town are mainly elderly people, who speak in a dialect (Parthanian) special to this region. Many of the buildings here are made from red clay, and the roofs made from straw and clay.

This village is supposedly on the tourist path but luckily we were there at a time when we were the only tourists in the village, making it like a private place for us to explore.

We had to pass through the sensitive region near Natanz where the controversial nuclear power production was located. This area was sensitive due to the sanctions and political friction and we were told not to take any photos along the way as we were being monitored. Anti missile machinery as well as military camps were along the long road. We had to pass through this sensitive region twice and I was certainly glad when we had left it.

Since there are many photos of this town on the internet which are of better calibre than mine, I will select only a few of mine which I had a personal touch with.

Exploring this town makes one feel as if they had stepped back in time to the "days gone by"

 I took this man's photo not only because he was one of the younger people I have encountered in this town but also quite hunky and the "construction worker" type! I wonder what he uses the blade on his necklace for?

The women in this village have a special clothing which they are famous for which is only in this particular area.

This is a section where a memorial is made for all the "shahidi" those who were martyred in the Iran-Iraq war. The scars are still very evident and the heavy cost of that war is still felt around the country today.

A market selling locally produced goodies- Sampling the natural honey was wonderful but I couldn't bring it with me on the airplane so everything sampled from here remains a memory.


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