Yazd: Desert area and Chak Chak Zoroastrian water temple

I love the desert. When I was living in the Gulf states I would go to the desert with friends to feel the power and experience the silence as well as camping and other kinds of fun. Riding through the desert of central Iran gave a feeling similar to the desert in America's West.

We went to visit Chak Chak Temple near a place called Ardakan. This temple is one of the most sacred of shrines in Zoroastrian beliefs.

 After a sunny climb up the mountain by steps, and reaching the temple,  we saw pilgrims camping out and bringing with them food. Other areas had groups of playful young lads in their twenties enjoying together the hookah pipe. I greeted them and two of them after greeting me told me that they were from Afghanistan.
When climbing up to the temple, we witnessed a dark cave like entrance ( which would be a perfect place for making wine) and a constant "drip drip" of water coming from a holy spring. 

We had to wear a head covering before entering the temple.

The wet floor was soothing for my feet as I walked barefoot in the temple!


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