Yazd: Dakhmeh-ye-Zartushtioon or Towers of Silence. Zoroastrian burial grounds

 Yazd: Dakhmeh-ye-Zartushtioon or Towers of Silence. Zoroastrian Burial Grounds

This place has spooky vibes and this feeling became intensified as we arrived at dusk. A mountain towered over us and blended in among the mist which made the feeling even more exotic.
As I understand the story, Zoroastrian believers would carry their deceased up the mountain, ( it took me about 15 or 20 minutes to climb the mountain carrying nothing) where there is a huge pit in the centre. The corpse would be left there for vultures to chew and consume the corpse's flesh. Later, some acid would be poured over the remains to fully assist in the disintegration process. There were small buildings near by the mountain where each village would have their own gathering place before the procession up the mountain. 

When we reached the top of the mountain, it was completely dark and I was feeling especially spooked and really had a sense that I felt "something" up there. I was relieved and felt better when we were back on the ground and away from that mountain.

Lights from the distant city of Yazd.


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