Brazil: A day at Ilha do Mel

Brazil: A Day at Ilha Do Mel ( The Island of Honey)

It was a wonderful day to go on a boat to the nearby island, called Ilha Do Mel. The weather being sunny and fantastic encouraged us to do something adventurous.

We hopped onto a boat which was empty except for us and one other passenger. After about a half hour, we arrived at the island!

We were happy to finally be visiting an island in Brazil!

Upon alighting from the boat and wandering around a bit, this island reminded me of some of the islands in Thailand which were not completely on the tourist scene yet, but were gaining popularity, and this island felt the same way.

 No vehicles were allowed on this island and there were no sealed roads (obviously!) and ways of getting around were via these trail like paths.

  Or a leisurely walk along the shore! Wonderful!

 There was a ruin of an old fort ( Used to keep away the English ships!)

 Inside some of the rooms, the feeling was a bit haunting as if some slaves were kept there in the prison room at one time a long time ago! 

The island has a nice restaurant and a few pubs to relax and enjoy. We had a nice sea food lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then made our way back to the boat and back to our friends' place. It was a wonderful way to enjoy a sunny afternoon!


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