TIJUANA MEXICO: Tijuana from my own experiences, with happy memories

Tijuana, Mexico, from the eyes of many people in USA often conjure thoughts of ominous backstreets, notorious crime and gangfights. It has this reputation because it is a border city with the United States. At the border area one could feel a strange energy of anxiety in the air, and a sense of unease. The barbed wire full of knife sharp edges reminded me of when I was crossing from Turkey into Syria for the first time.

Cameras were peering out up to the spot where a large sign reading "Mexico", assuring us that we had crossed into Mexican territory. I admit there was a kind of emotion from my heart from that whole crossing experience.

We paid a visit to our wonderful friend Alejandro, who live there. He graciously met us both right at the USA and Mexico border crossing, and took us to his comfortable and welcoming home for a fun weekend. First we stopped off at a local restaurant. It was a small restaurant with local people, and only Spanish spoken. From time to time someone would walk in the restaurant with goods to hawk, going from table to table, and a Mexican band with men playing guitars would sing in the restaurant.

Our friend Alejandro helped us with ordering. I enjoyed and sampled the different kinds of food!

Darkness from the night altered my vision from the activities and sights outside of the car window. I saw back streets, some streets going up steep hills like in San Francisco. Lights from shops, bars, and people walking around carrying on with their business. Our friend said that the drinking age in Mexico was 18, and many US Americans who are not able to drink in their own country would  cross the border to party and drink.

He told us about the clubs and the other activities associated with the clubs in Tijuana as we sped by the flashy lights of clubs, and on our way to our friend's home close to the beach area of Tijuana, in a quiet neighbourhood.

We spent the evenings having wonderful heart to heart conversations over a few bottles of Mexican wine which we experienced from some wine tasting sessions!

We experienced another beach town named Rosarita. During the summer season this town has a very popular beach which is crowded along the seashore. We went to enjoy during low season where only a few groups were nearby. Wandering around the town had a feel like a summer holiday town which was preparing to sleep for the season.
   source:   internet photo

  source:   internet photo 

Our visit to the area felt great. Everyone was polite and cheerful and we really enjoyed everything.  The only moment where we were treated brashly was from the crude attitude at the American immigration passport control crossing back to USA from Mexico.


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