MACANETA, MOZAMBIQUE: A guy's party weekend at a beach house in Mozambique

A guys' party Weekend at a Mozambique Beach House

 We had an absolutely fabulous and magical weekend at the beach, Mozambique style!  
Travelling with three of our lovely South African friends, we travelled by a 4 by 4 vehicle from the Johannesburg area and got a tourist visa easily at the border between South Africa and crossed the border into exotic Mozambique!

We had arrangements with a French friend of ours who was a professor in Maputo, and owned a fun beach house in a very remote location near Marracuene as his get away play house. He invited around 10 very randy, horny Mozambique-an guys, who were in their 20s and early 30s to join us in the fun.

 The fun part is they were all handsome and very playfully frisky the whole time we were there.

The beach house was located on a very remote part of a sandy peninsula like area, which made it very private and perfect for guy parties. We all became friends and worked together like a perfect team, as we had to do all the cooking, cleaning and everything else together. The Mozambique-an guys did local cooking, so we got to try real local style food! 

The meals included "sheema" which is similar to "Fufu" and eaten with your fingers, it soaks up sauces and assists in eating without a fork. I thoroughly enjoyed every meal experience.  We went into a nearby town to get local vegetables, and fresh fish from the local markets! It was a fun experience!

In the evening after dinner and everything was cleaned up, we would have more drinks and turn on dance music. We danced together until the wee hours!

Sleeping was in different rooms, sometimes guys alternating between room to room, and in other locations throughout the beach house as well as small annex cottages. Shall I politely say "naughty experiences" occurred every night?

We played on the beach together and brought with us some wine, bottles of gin, a cooler of beer and other kinds of alcohol. When my eyes caught sight of the perfect blue water and the perfect sand, I galloped like a deer as if the water was a magnet pulling me to it. The water was absolutely perfect! Absolutely!

We enjoyed ourselves the whole day, bringing along an amplifier to play fun music which we danced to ( I danced more after I had sips of everyone's drink as well as a few local Mozambique beers of my own!). We started to catch the attention of other local people nearby and they sometimes danced with us. 

The beach was inhabited with local people and the feeling was vibrant, happy and exciting!  We had grilled chicken, and I tried the local grilled fish with local periperi sauce. Perfect!

 We had truly a wonderful time!

Our friend allowed us to stay the night in his colonial style apartment in Maputo, very comfortable and nostalgic, before we started making our way back to South Africa.

Mozambique claimed our hearts, and we are absolutely going to make an effort to visit other parts of that beautiful country, and to make a reunion with many of our Mozambique friends who we are in contact with now on social media.


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