ISRAEL: Our First Tel-Aviv Experience

ISRAEL:  Our First Tel-Aviv Experience

I am a seasoned traveller around the Middle East, visiting all the surrounding countries, and almost all of the Arab countries and Iran, a new passport gave me the opportunity to make visit to a place whose politics and human rights did not really coincide with my conscience. 
I decided to be non-political as possible as this trip would be work related, and personal development for our vocational training.

I must say that my horizons have broadened a bit more now, and I have had good experiences from this first trip.

Tel Aviv was the introductory city for my Israeli experience. A youthful, lively, progressive city which, I am proud to say, is now on my list of favourite cities in the world!

We took nice walks along the sea, as well as through neighbourhoods which I greatly enjoyed. Far from what the media says about this city with all the terrorist bombs, violent demonstrations and it's history with people who share the land, I found Tel Aviv safe and friendly.

We enjoyed walking on the  lively public beach walkways, going on the beaches, watching people, and a leisurely walk to the old city of Jaffa.

people were kind and friendly. So many of the guys in Israel are attractive and handsome!

 Wonderful dinner on beach restaurants, where we can enjoy our meal on the beach with our feet in the sand! perfect!

Tel Aviv is very cosmopolitan and progressive. We were actually cruised by some guys along the sea on our way to Jaffa Old city.

It was fun to wander around Old Jaffa and experience Israel with an Arab flavour. I spoke Arabic to the very gracious and kind guys who served our table at local restaurants in Jaffa.

We have some Israeli friends whom we made on Facebook. We told them we were coming to Tel-Aviv, and they kindly invited us over to their flat for a home cooked dinner, some wine and some conversation. 
We rented a bicycle and biked our way from the hotel through different neighbourhoods on the bike paths to their flat. I really enjoyed that mode of transportation instead of a taxi or by bus.

The dinner our friends made was familiar and nostalgic to me as my ancestral heritage comes from the same area their grandparents did, but I am not Jewish.
We were amazed with Israeli wine! 

Since this was only our initial visit to Tel Aviv, there are so many different places to experience, explore and more fun people to interact with, we will undoubtedly return to the "White City" in the Middle East in the near future. 


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