BAALBEK Lebanon: A Fabulous Experience at Ancient Baalbek

Baalbek Lebanon: A Fabulous Experience of Ancient Baalbek

In the heart of Lebanon's Beka'a is Baalbek. This is an ancient city which has a very long history. 

We experienced a bit of this history with our visit to the over 9,000 year old Baalbek ruins. It was once a place of worship and also a cornerstone of ancient civilisations which invaded and conquered this region throughout history. 

Unlike other ancient sites around the world which we have visited, there were no barriers and no guards or guides watching our movement, so we literally had access to touch, and mingle with very ancient history! Of course we were very cautious and very respectful of what we did. 


Across from the ancient Roman ruins of Baalbek was a very old hotel which was over 150 years old. It is the famous Palmyra hotel. This hotel hosted many famous celebrities and politicians. 
One of my favourite Lebanese iconic singers named Fairuz stayed in room 17 at one time. We were staying in room 19 in this hotel.

cozy beds with heavy thick blankets and fluffy pillows. we slept very well.

Wandering around the hallways and rooms in the hotel one could feel the history and spirits of the place!  It felt as if time had stood still when entering the doors of that building.

In the evening we enjoyed fireside chat and wine with our friend and hotel staff. Religious beliefs didn't make any barriers at the hotel. (Karla is Shi'ia, and the man, "had different beliefs" ) so we enjoyed enlightened conversation, local wonderful wine, and roasted sweet potatos which were being roasted in the old fireplace.

We were told by some of the staff that some of the furnature in this sitting room was over 200 years old!

Staying at this famous hotel may be a one time experience, but it was certainly a very memorable one.


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