Beirut Lebanon: reexperiencing and falling in love with Beirut again

Beirut: Re-experiencing and Falling in Love with Beirut again

I first visited Beirut in 2007, just a year after the war of 2006. I was curious to see how much the city had changed. This visit Lebanon was experiencing a people's revolution against the government.

The familiar road checkpoints with armed soldiers, road closings, and now sporadic groups of protestors waving Lebanese flags and chanting. The protests were in a playful and party atmosphere.

We found almost everyone in Lebanon to be very kind and polite and hospitality was so wonderful and unbelievable!                    

We met our wonderful friend Mohammad who showed us around his healing and meditation centre in the centre of Beirut. He is a wonderful man.

showing off our comfortable robes in our cozy hotel room in Beirut

a few splashes and swimming some laps at the pool as well as soaking in the nice hot tub

a wonderful evening at the restaurant with the chef and owner

a fun encounter at a fancy coffee shop by the sea

Views from our pent house flat

We love Beirut and love Lebanon and are planning another visit soon


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